First 5 places go to Trinity Manor!!

Trinity Manor heifers sweep the board and make history
at the 2010 Island Spring Show

On 13th June 2010, the first open class containing heifers by international Jersey sires was judged.
This was for heifers under the age of 12 months. There were 20 heifers exhibited in the class,
and the first 10 places were taken by heifers sired by international Jersey sires.
Heifers from the Trinity Manor herd took the first 5 places, and had 7 in the top 9 !!

Then in the Heifer Championship, "international" heifers from the Trinity Manor herd
took Champion and also Honorable Mention (3rd)!!

This is the first time that an internationally sired animal has won a Championship over the Island,
and this piece of history was made in the very first show in which they have been exhibited in open classes!!

Line-up of the class for Heifers under 12 months old - (13th June 2010)

Right to Left in photo Name Sire Owner
1st Trinity Big Show Sandy RJF Big Show Trinity Manor Farm Ltd
2nd Imagine Sultan Daisy SHF Centurion Sultan Imagine Jerseys (Steve Le Feuvre & Rob Stevenson)
3rd Trinity Excitation Climax ET Bridon Excitation Trinity Manor Farm Ltd
4th Trinity Remake Daisy 2 Rock Ella Remake ET Trinity Manor Farm Ltd
5th Trinity Remake Advance Rock Ella Remake ET Trinity Manor Farm Ltd

Trinity Big Show Sandy

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Trinity Remake Advance

Trinity Remake Daisy 2

Trinity Excitation Climax ET

Imagine Sultan Daisy

5th - Heifers under 12 months

4th - Heifers under 12 months

3rd - Heifers under 12 months

1st - Heifers under 12 months
Champion Heifer

2nd - Heifers under 12 months
Honorable Mention
Champion Heifer