Stephen Vibert Le Feuvre

Date of Birth:   29th May 1957
Place of Birth: Cardiff, Wales

Father:  Arthur Maitland Le Feuvre
Mother: Elizabeth Mary Le Feuvre

School:  Nairobi School (ex-Prince of Wales School), Nairobi, Kenya

University: Wye College (University of London)
Degree:  Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Agricultural Economics


Positions currently & previously held:

  • Director  -  Lysaght & Co. (Managing Director 2007-2018)
  • President - World Jersey Cattle Bureau (2018-present)
  • Treasurer  -  Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society (2002-2008 & 2017-present )
  • Hon Secretary - Old Cambrian Society (UK) (2002-present)
    (for ex pupils of Prince of Wales School - now Nairobi School)
  • Webmaster - Old Cambrian Society  (2002-present)
  • Trustee - Old Cambrian Society Educational Trust  (2014-present)
  • Director - Jersey Island Genetics Ltd (2014-present)
  • Chairman - The Wanangwe School & Orphanage Trust Fund                                          (WASOT-UK) (2013-present)
  • Patron - East Africa Children's Charity Jersey (2016-present)
  • Hon Secretary/Treasurer - The Lord Jersey Research Trust (2002-present)

    President  -  Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society (2008-2014)
    Hon Treasurer - World Jersey Cattle Bureau (2005-2018)

  • Steve in December 1975 shortly before leaving Nairobi School (formerly The Prince of Wales School)

    Steve speaking at the Old Cambrian Society Dinner at the Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi on 1st Oct 2004
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