Avonteur Jerseys of the past - Kenya

The Avonteur Story gives a complete account of the origins of the name "Avonteur" and the Avonteur herds in both Kenya and Jersey.

This page contains links to some of the individual members of the Avonteur Herd in Kenya, which comprised of a select pedigree Jersey herd (numbering 20 at its peak), and the main herd of around 400 head. The main herd consisted of many different breeds of animals, but was mainly Ayrshire, Guernsey, Jersey and Sahiwal based. The system operated was "dairy ranching" with extensive grazing for the few months of the year that grass grew in the hostile climate experienced in the Thika area of Kenya. At other times of the year, a cut-and-cart system prevailed with forage crops grown on the farm as well as on neighbouring holdings, and the use of pineapple waste as a major staple diet when crops failed due to prolonged drought. No concentrate feed was fed to the main herd.

The Jersey herd had access to a limited amount of irrigated pasture, forage crops and pineapple waste throughout the year, and was fed concentrates when these were available.

Members of the herd were exhibited at regional and national shows from 1970 to 1976, and considerable success was achieved during that relatively short period, especially by the Jerseys.

The Jersey herd

Regal Bel Respiro Rose (Imp.) SM(2), CM(2), OM, TG   (a.k.a. "Honey")

Avonteur Regal Lady 

Avonteur Crowning Duchess 

Avalon Rosettes Rebecca CM 

Avalon Elite Erica CM 

Avalon Elite Diadem CM 

Avonteur Regal Star Lad ** 

Avonteur Regal Dreamer ** 

Avonteur Regal Ruling Prince ** 

Avonteur Oxford Diamond 

Avonteur Royal Success 



Part of the Jersey herd (June 1976)    L-R: Diadem, Erica, Lady, Rebecca & Honey





















Prizes won by the Avonteur Herd at Nakuru Show 1976
(Avalon Rosettes Rebecca CM & Lustre's Magi 2nd are in the cattle lines)













Photo taken at the Central Kenya Show, Nyeri in June 1972
Major Arthur Le Feuvre with "Honey" (Regal Bel Respiro Rose) who had won the
Jersey Female Championship, and Simeon with "Clover 1st"























The Jersey milking bail. Oswald is milking Avonteur Regal Lady, and "Honey" (Regal Bel Resprio Rose) is alongside just having been milked (June 1976)


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